Skills Covered

The Speaking Voice

Vocal Exercises to Improve:

-volume and projection

-good diction,articulation & enunciation

-tone and pitch

-character voices and accents

Mime/Movement(Body Language)

Exercises to Improve


-body language and gestures

-facial expressions

Character Development

-creating unique and original characters

-use of the whole body to create a character

-motivation and intention

-emotion and expression

-character voices and accents


-quick thinking(on the spot scenes)

-creativity and imagination

-the ability to cover up errors during a performance

-sharpening improv skills to build self-confidence

Stage Presence

-attracting the audience's attention through acting technique

Theatre Terminology

How The Theatre Works (on stage and behind the scenes)

Other Skills

-public speaking

-monologue work

-good listening skills


-good communication skills

Rehearsal Time

-working with scripts

-character development


-pausing and pacing

-picking up cues

-taking direction

-line memorization tips

-performing acting styles